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Optical Design & Engineering

University initiative aims to bolster ranks of science and math teachers

Take a look at the state of science and mathematics education in U.S. public schools, and you'll find an equation that simply doesn't compute. With too few highly qualified teachers and too many underachieving students, efforts to create a pipeline of well-prepared workers for the competitive 21st Century global economy are not measuring up.

To address this challenge, 79 colleges and universities in 32 states have thus far committed to the Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative (SMTI), under the auspices of the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC).

The effort includes the following goals: Substantially increase the number and diversity of high quality mathematics and science teachers in middle and high schools; Identify immediate and longer term needs for science and mathematics teachers in states where NASULGC member institutions are located; and Build partnerships among universities, school systems, state governments and other entities to address statewide needs for teachers on a sustained basis.

More information from NASULGC.

Article on SMTI from Inside Higher Ed.