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Optical Design & Engineering

U of Arizona reorganization plan may threaten research funding

University of Arizona officials seeking to streamline campus operations by combining and eliminating certain staff positions may risk hurting the institution's single largest source of income: research funding.

UA President Robert Shelton announced late last week that layoffs are coming, confirming widespread fear among staff members, who don't have the same job security as faculty members.

Yet a report conducted as part of the UA's reorganization efforts highlights the potential danger of losing staff members involved in supporting research, as it could lead to a reduction in federal grant money. More troubling than the potential loss of immediate research dollars, several campus officials say, is that by cutting too far back on support staff, the UA may not be able to comply with the federal regulations to receive highly competitive grants, jeopardizing future research grants.

Full story from Arizona Daily Star.

SPIE leaders urge University of Arizona to keep separate status of College of Optical Sciences.