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Defense & Security

Peltier-cooled silicon drift detector

Princeton Gamma Tech Instruments has introduced the SAHARA III, a new Peltier-cooled Silicon Drift Detector which offers users an active detector area of 100 mm2.

The company has delivered a cryogen-free, lightweight compact detector system that could achieve low-energy resolutions below 125eV and high count-rates above 100kps, and all with a cool down period less than 2 minutes, with the new SAHARA III, the latest in the SAHARA line of superior x-ray detector systems that utilize Peltier-cooled SDD technology. The SAHARA III sports an active detector area ranging from 10mm2 to 100mm2, and standard beryllium or low-energy polymer windows. The Sahara III nicely complement PGT's other x-ray detector offerings that include liquid-nitrogen cooled Si(Li), IGX and multi-element detector arrays.