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Lasers & Sources

Highest pulse energy pico-second lasers

Photonics Industries announces the highest pulse energy Diode Pumped Pico-Second Lasers commercially available.

Photonics Industries' RG Series diode pumped pico-second lasers produces over 3mJ per pulse at 1kHz, and more than 10Watts at 10kHz at 1064nm with ~15ps nominal pulse widths all while still maintaining TEM00 mode quality in a compact, industrial reliable package. It is the most compact, the highest pulse energy in kHz range in the market. Higher power versions (25W and 40W @10kHz) or pulse energy (5mJ/pulse and 8mJ/pulse @1kHz) are also available with added amplifier stages. Harmonic output such as 532nm, 355nm, 266nm and 213nm can be ordered as needed.

High pulse energy pico second laser pulses with good beam quality can competitively machine thicker materials or materials with feature sizes ~ 1mm. Such mesoscale "laser mesoprocessing" with less "heat affected zone" (HAZ) is proving in for a myriad of novel applications on materials such as glasses, metals and ceramics (see photos to right). Also higher pulse energy pico pulses enable more precise LIDAR distance measurements such as Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR).