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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

leanXcam: smart camera and open source software

The Swiss engineering company Supercomputing Systems (SCS), recently developed a small but powerful Smart Camera. Additionally, the appropriate software including develop­ment and test tools and a documentation of the framework can be downloaded as free source-code on base of the Open-Source license LGPL V2.1.

The DSP (BlackFin ADSP-BF537) powered wVGA CMOS colour camera is called leanXcam. It takes 60 fps full resolution and is capable for ultra short time applications due to its global shutter and selectable external trigger. The software supports different kinds of operation and is based on mClinux. Two 4 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM and several I/O options on board allow special user adaptations to the application. SCS has traditionally strong connections to European universities and expects a lively and innovative communication with experts in the field.