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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Fujifilm unveils consumer 3-D camera

The more aggressively Hollywood studios pursue their plans to bring 3-D movies to consuners, the more determined Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers have become to avoid missing the opportunity.

Fujifilm unveiled last Friday (Sept. 26) a working prototype of 3-D consumer camera at Photokina, a photography show in Cologne, Germany. Over the weekend, the Japanese company's 3-D camera generated attention in this gadget-happy nation.

Fujifilm's new compact camera, integrated with dual lenses and dual 6-megapixel CCDs, is capable of capturing 3-D still images and moving pictures. More importantly, it is also capable of playing back, on its own 2.8-inch LCD, 3-D images that can be viewed without 3-D glasses.

Full story from EE Times.