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Solar & Alternative Energy

Portable power station

Lumos Solar is introducing the PowerTainer™ Portable Power Station, the latest innovation that goes beyond merely offsetting power for homes and businesses with real solutions for disaster relief and the developing world.

The PowerTainer is a portable power supply solution for applications where grid power is not available. This is a unique system because it is a portable, off-grid power source that eliminates the need for generators requiring propane, diesel or gas. The lack of moving parts makes the PowerTainer an extremely robust and reliable power supply that requires virtually zero maintenance.

The PowerTainer can be easily shipped to remote areas and is ideal for applications where a reliable source of energy is essential but not readily available due to the lack of grid power. This has vast implications on a global scale and encompasses the developing world, disaster relief, military, industrial and residential applications. Some examples include: water purification and desalination, remote construction sites, hospitals, schools, central power for villages, communication, eco-resorts, rural power supply, grid backup, and remote base power.