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Solar & Alternative Energy

Reports Bullish on Solar Energy Market

Two new reports are optimistic about a promising future for the solar energy market.

A new Frost & Sullivan report on Xtreme Concentrated Photovoltaics (XCPV) says the increasing global demand for energy, especially by developing countries such as India and China, have created enormous opportunities for organizations to introduce alternative technologies in power generation, such as biomass, photovoltaic systems, and fuel cells technology. XCPV technology is in its nascent stage but promises to infiltrate the market to a large extent once it is commercialized, the report says.

Recent technology and commercial developments in the building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) sector, including increased industry collaboration, could aid in solar energy's greater market penetration, according to a recently released report from Energy Insights. BIPV represent a potential game-changing technology, according to Roberta Bigliani, EMEA Research Director with Energy Insights.