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    1 May - 31 December 2015
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    Onsite Services

    On this page you will find:

    • Business Center
    • Cashier
    • Author / Presenter Information
    • IS&T Bookstore and Membership Booth
    • SPIE Bookstore
    • Food and Beverages

    Business Center
    In-house Business Center/ FedEx Office for all of your printing and faxing needs.

    • 6:30 am - 7:00 pm Monday through Friday
    • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday through Sunday

    IS&T cashier can assist with registration payments, adding a short course, receipts, and badge corrections.

    Author / Presenter Information

    Speaker AV Preparation
    Each conference room has an LCD projector, screen, lapel microphone, and laser pointer. All presenters are encouraged to visit the Speaker AV Prep Room to confirm that their presentation is compatible with the audiovisual equipment supplied in the conference rooms. Speakers who have requested special equipment, prior to the request deadline, are asked to report to the AV Prep Room to confirm their requested equipment is available. No shared laptops are provided.

    Interactive Paper Set-Up Instructions
    Poster Session authors can set up on Tuesday, 8 am. Pushpins are provided; other supplies can be obtained at the Conference Registration Desk. Authors must remove poster papers at the conclusion of the Interactive Session; posters not removed are considered unwanted and will be removed by staff and discarded. Neither sponsoring Society assumes responsibility for posters left up or before or after the Interactive Paper Session.

    IS&T Bookstore and Membership Booth
    IS&T publishes and/or distributes technical materials on a broad range of subject pertinent to the field of electronic imaging. 

    SPIE Bookstore
    The SPIE Bookstore is your source for the latest SPIE Press Books, Proceedings,and Education and Professional Development materials.

    Food and Beverages

    Coffee Breaks
    Complimentary coffee will be served twice each day of the conference at approximately 10:10 am and 3:20 pm. Please check the individual technical conference listings for exact times and locations.

    Cash Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks
    There are several restaurant options within the hotel for meals.