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SPIE Digital Library

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The SPIE Digital Library contains the world's largest collection of optics and photonics research and provides user-friendly tools for researchers to optimize their valuable time. With more than 400,000 papers spanning biomedicine, communications, sensors, defense and security, manufacturing, electronics, energy, and imaging, the SPIE Digital Library is the most extensive research database available on optics and photonics research. Click here to view more topics. 


Engineers and scientists in academic, corporate, and government laboratories depend on the SPIE Digital Library for the critical knowledge they need to stay current and competitive. Over 40,000 SPIE papers are cited in more than 20,000 high-technology patents registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Thousands more appear in the international patent literature. The SPIE Digital Library is both a rich technical archive and a go-to resource for state-of-the-art research. Click here to view the benefits to librarians, researchers, and engineers.

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