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International Workshop on EUV Lithography 2008

The 2008 International Workshop on EUV Lithography was held June 10-12, 2008 at the Wailea Beach Marriott in Maui, Hawaii.

The EUVL Workshop created a R&D forum for EUVL to help address technical challenges to bring EUVL into high-volume semiconductor manufacturing. Researchers from North America, Europe and Asia attended the workshop and presented their research in the areas of EUV sources, mask, optics, contamination and resists. Panel discussions were held on EUV sources, mask defects, and the role of universities and national labs in the EUVL R&D. The workshop was preceded by EUVL classes and also included technical review papers.

SPIE partnered with EUV Litho, Inc. to provide the following webcast / powerpoint slides from the conference. View Agenda and Abstracts for complete overview. Registration information below:


$219 SPIE Members
$249 for Non-Members

Viewers will see:

 •The latest R&D currently ongoing in EUVL
 •The role of Universities and National Labs in EUVL
 •Latest optics advances to improve EUVL capabilities
 •Source choices for high-volume manufacturing
 •Resist advancements to address LER, resolution, and resist sensitivity
 •Critical issues facing widespread EUVL adoption

Who should view:

 •Researchers and engineers active in semiconductor technology
 •Managers of IC production programs
 •Purchasers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
 •EUV source developers and optical designers
 •Mask manufacturers
 •Resist developers

System requirements:

 •Current version of Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Safari
 •Adobe Flash Player
 •Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768
 •You may need to temporarily disable your browser's pop-up blocker