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Sensing & Measurement

Fiber-optic, ultra-high temperature sensor

Chiral Photonics is proud to announce the newest addition to its Helica™ products - a robust fiber optic temperature sensor designed for the most demanding industrial and R&D applications that require stability to 1000 °C.

The sensor was designed for applications ranging from weld monitoring and control to turbine engine service and design. The sensing element is a monolithic glass fiber and is as stable as the silica glass. It is not reliant on any moving parts or coatings and the sensor packaging can be tailored to suit the application needs.

The Helica Temperature Sensor is based on Chiral Photonics' patented chiral grating, which is fabricated by twisting, or microforming, the fiber as it is passed through a miniature heat zone to produce a distinct dip in the transmission spectrum. The spectral position of the dip in this chiral fiber changes with temperature allowing it to be used as a temperature sensor.

"Customers have been enthusiastic about this monolithic glass solution which does not rely on photoinduced gratings or coatings or moving parts, thereby offering the reliability inherent to glass," states Dan Neugroschl, Chiral Photonics' CEO.


  • Temperature Range: Up to 1000°C
  • Accuracy: 1% - Sensitivity : 0.01 nm/°C (nominal)
  • Probe (metal sheathing) Length: 300 mm standard
  • Other lengths available upon request
  • Sensor/Grating Length: 15 mm - Other lengths available upon request
  • Sensor Placement: 25 mm from probe tip
  • Connector Type: FC/APC