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Illumination & Displays

Non-profit changes lives with LEDs

When your family can't afford to light a lamp at night, it can be difficult to even imagine getting an education.

David Irvine-Halliday of the University of Calgary, Canada, is the founder of the The Light Up The World foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing renewable energy and solid-state lighting to billions of people all over the world in order to provide safe, efficient illumination. Irvine-Halliday spoke about the non-profit at his Solid State Lighting and OLEDs plenary session talk at SPIE Optics + Photonics.

Irvine-Halliday believes that providing low-cost lighting to homes ensures that children will be able to study at night. "Without education, you can't do anything," he said. Read more about his talk here.

SPIE Newsroom will soon also post a video interview with Irvine-Halliday and slides from his plenary talk.