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Solar & Alternative Energy

Solar concentrator deemed safe for rooftops

The Sunflower rooftop system from Energy Innovations recently became the first solar photovoltaic concentrator to receive Underwriters Laboratories certification. The product can therefore qualify for many solar rebates and for installation on commercial rooftops.

The Sunflower's Fresnel lens concentrates sunlight more than 1,000 times, enabling cheaper electricity than traditional photovoltaics. The self-powered, 200-watt system features trackers that shift with the sun's location, as well as a controller and communications system. The low-slung Sunflower is built to withstand winds, and doesn't need to penetrate a rooftop for installation.

"The UL Mark is one of the most recognized symbols of safety in the world and to say we're thrilled to have our work validated by such an independent and reputable institution would be an understatement," said CEO Bill Gross in a statement.