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Solar & Alternative Energy

Metallization paste for solar cells

Indium Corp. has developed OnSpec LTTF-6363 - a low-temperature metallization paste featuring superior adhesion to a solar cell's transparent conductive oxide layer and low contact resistance, resulting in high conductivity.

Solar manufacturers using emerging thin-film solar cell technology are challenged with high-contact resistance, inadequate adhesion and ultraviolet degradation over time, resulting in decreased energy output and usable life of the solar cell. Indium says LTTF-6363 was specifically developed for low-contact resistance and exhibits low bulk resistance, thereby providing increased power output.

LTTF-6363 also offers good screen printing characteristics, enabling screen printing of the collection grid with a line resolution of less than 80 micrometers. In addition, LTTF-6363 doesn't spread after printing, thereby reducing the shadowing effect.