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SPIE Buyers Guide

Companies turn to SPIE for well-attended exhibits to promote their products and services. Now SPIE offers a post-show, year-round way to reach your potential customers. The SPIE Buyers Guide is a valuable resource for Society Members and other industry professionals who use the Web to locate products and services. Users have the option of performing keyword-driven searches that mirror traditional search engines, or a category-specific search. As a recognized leader in the optics and photonics industry, professionals turn to SPIE as trusted sources of information.

Why complete a listing in the SPIE Buyers Guide?
With traditional search results, your company's listing becomes one in a million. But searching through the SPIE Buyers Guide presents relevant search results to pre-qualified, committed buyers. Completing a listing will cost your company less than a pay-per-click campaign and deliver better results.

· Lead generation
· Increased traffic to your website
· Brand-building exposure
· Increased sales opportunities
· Highly targeted audience

Screen shot of SPIE Buyers Guide on SPIEWorks.comWhat makes us different?

No free listings.
A common practice among Buyers Guides is to offer free listings and then sell you upgrades or display advertising; with a free listing you'll often find yourself surrounded by competitor's ads and, in some cases, with no Web or email link! Free listings help to build a database boasting thousands of companies, but the records are often poorly maintained and hold little or no valuable information - they undermine a guide's usefulness and discourage return visitors.

No roadblocks. Buyers Guides are often cumbersome, requiring multiple clicks to access information. Frequently the goal is to distract traffic away from the relevant results in an effort to supply more views to display advertisers. Our goal is to get customers to you as quickly as possible.

Contact information:
Robert Dentel
+1 360 676 3290

Download SPIE Buyers Guide Information and Rates (PDF)