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Solar & Alternative Energy

Wireless control of solar-powered traffic beacons

Solar technology provider Carmanah Technologies Corporation has partnered with ENCOM Wireless Data Solutions Inc. to add a wireless interface capability to its line of stand-alone solar-powered traffic beacons. This arrangement represents the next step in the evolution of Carmanah's solar powered LED (light emitting diode) lighting technology for traffic applications.

Carmanah uses a monocrystalline solar panel technology as the basis of its solar power systems. With no need for trenching, cabling or wiring, Carmanah beacons install quickly and easily onto new or existing signposts for fast, economical installations and minimal disruption to traffic. They will survive extended exposure to the environment, extreme swings in ambient temperature from -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to +80°C), shock, heavy vibration and UV degradation. Bright, durable and long lasting, Carmanah flashing beacons can help motorists and pedestrians spot signage and identify hazardous road conditions, day and night, along roads, highways, construction zones, parking areas, school zones and more.

"Now we'll be able to offer our flashing beacons with this proven technology built right in. With ENCOM technology providing remote interface and control capabilities, our Carmanah solar-powered flashing beacons will offer our customers new levels of versatility and flexibility," says Richard Chesson, Carmanah Vice President, Marketing and Business Development.