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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Test target arrays

APPLIED IMAGE Inc. is proud to announce the next generation of Imatest analytical software programs complemented by a wide variety of APPLIED IMAGE high quality test target arrays.

Imatest LLC has launched their latest software programs; STUDIO 3.0, MASTER 3.0 and API 3.0. Imatest Studio 3.0 and Master 3.0 both include numerous enhancements over its previous versions, including full support for Bayer RAW formats and improved tolerance for distorted images in Colorcheck. The new Imatest API 3.0 is their premium analytical software for integrated and automated image analysis solutions that includes all the new features of Master plus multiple image file selection using wildcard characters.

The Imatest software measures the sharpness and image quality of digital camera images and digitized film images. It allows users to accurately and conveniently determine the performance of their cameras or imaging systems. The Imatest software runs under Windows 2000, 2003, XP, VISTA and Macintosh systems with Virtual PC 6 or 7.

APPLIED IMAGE is packaging the Imatest STUDIO 3.0, Imatest MASTER 3.0 and Imatest API 3.0, as well as the individual API.exe modules, with APPLIED test targets, including the ISO and I3A standard targets, such as ISO12233 Digital Camera Still Resolution Chart and the improved Applied Image Enhanced Digital Resolution Chart; ISO14524 Digital Camera Contrast Chart and ISO16067-1 Reflective Scanner Test Chart in addition to other standards, like the IEEE STD 208-1995 Video Resolution Chart and the Slant Edge Target.