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    24 - 26 April 2013
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    About Prague

    SPIE Microtechnologies 2011 will be held at the Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic.

    Czech Republic lies in the zone of moderate climate, intermediate between the marine and continental climates and weather can be quite changeable. The weather in April can be rather diverse with temperature averaging at 58°F (14°C), however can range between mid 45's F (7°C) into low 70's F (over 20°C). The entire Czech Republic lies in Central European Time, the same like Spain and France.

    The currency unit in the Czech Repulic is the Czech Crown (CZK) which is subdivided into 100 hallers (hal).

    Delegates may change foreign currency and travellers cheques in banks located in the centre of the city as well as in many exchange bureaus, at the railway station, at the airport or in many others places. International credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) are accepted in many hotels, restaurants, and cash machines.

    The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is situated in the very heart of Europe, on an intersection of continental merchant routes since time immemorial. It was the seat of Czech princes and kings from the tenth century A.D.

    Centuries of construction gave rise to an exceptional integrated architectural complex, unique in the world as regards its size and concentration of cultural heritage. Different architectural styles mingle and intertwine here, and their symbiosis creates the city's unique atmosphere. The most valuable part of the city's centre was declared the Prague Heritage Reserve in 1981, which was included in UNESCO's world cultural heritage list in 1992.

    Prague is the seat of the top-level legislative, administrative and political bodies of the country - the parliament, government, and president; and the most important social, cultural and educational institutions reside here. The city is the entrance gate to the Czech Republic.