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Lasers & Sources

Pulsed and CW Fiber Laser

RPMC Lasers, Inc. now offers Manlight pulsed and CW fiber lasers in North America. The company offers high-power CW fiber lasers from 5-50W and pulsed fiber lasers with an average output power of 5-20W, energy of 1mJ, and a pulsewidth <50ns.

The innovative design and new pump laser diodes result in reliable products with a long lifespan, including diodes that are field replaceable. The excellent beam quality and high-power stability allows a broad range of applications such as marking, micromachining, soldering and 2D sintering.

These standard OEM fiber lasers are equipped with a collimated beam delivered through a metal-sheathed optical fiber. An RS-232 interface provides easy operation of the laser. Several options such as different collimating optics and fiber lengths, remote control unit and red pilot beam for tracking are available.