Melbourne, Australia
    9 - 12 December 2008
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    Presentations + Posters

    Plenary Sessions
    Arrow on Swanston
    Plenary Sessions will take place each morning at the Arrow on Swanston.

    Oral and Poster Presenters
    RMIT Research Lounge
    All authors of invited papers, and oral and poster presentations are required to provide a manuscript by the 10 November due date. Late manuscripts may not be accepted. Authors must register and present their papers as scheduled in order to be published.

    Refreshment Breaks
    Leslie Clucas Lounge
    There will be morning and afternoon refreshment breaks daily.

    Standard Audio-Visual Equipment
    PC’s for PowerPoint presentations will be available in all meetings rooms as well as data projectors, whiteboards, and screens. A MAC will also be available in the 3 larger meeting rooms. Please bring your PowerPoint on a CD or memory stick (with a backup); otherwise bring your own laptop computer.

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