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Optoelectronics & Communications

Dense Multi-carrier Technology

OpVista has unveiled its Dense Multi-Carrier (DMC) technology, a high performance optical network solution for 40G and 100G transmissions per wavelength across all types of optical networks from metro to ultra-long-haul. DMC delivers a fiber capacity of up to eight terabits/sec using today's 10G engineered networks at economical cost levels appropriate for metro, regional and long-haul networks.

DMC technology combines advanced multiple carrier photonics, lambda stabilization and multi-level modulation to deliver 40G and 100G bandwidth per wavelength, while maintaining compatibility with the characteristics of today's 10G optical infrastructure. DMC's tolerance to the typical impairments inherent in optical networks allows much higher bandwidth to be delivered per wavelength. DMC technology is currently in trials with service providers in the United States and in Europe. A recently-completed trial deployment at United Kingdom service provider, Vtesse Networks, featured the deployment of 40G wavelengths over an existing 860 km 10G engineered network.