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Eugene Arthurs of SPIE on TRUMPF

Statment from Eugene Arthurs, CEO of SPIE, on the occasion of TRUMPF Inc. opening a new building at their Connecticut facility:

I have two welded views of the expansion of Trumpf's extensive operations in Connecticut with the new laser facility. I recognize the success that Trumpf has brought to the world of laser applications through patient excellence. As someone who worked on laser micromachining and silicon wafer marking in the early 1980s, I understand the reluctance of those responsible for production to embrace exotic new technologies, and of course their skepticism was only enhanced by the low reliability of the finicky research lasers adopted for the production floor. Shipping a PhD with the laser was both uneconomic and a disincentive for the typical PhD. The reliable and production-friendly systems that Trumpf now brings in large volume to a variety of manufacturing operations and job shops have removed these barriers to the extent that not having a laser tool is not an option for efficient metal working, and for so much more in modern material forming.

What also impresses me is Trumpf's commitment to the future, the investment to develop the best tools for manufacturing, be it ever more powerful kW disk lasers with extraordinarily simple and technically elegant solutions to ensure almost 100% uptime on a long term basis, CO2 lasers with different attributes and power classes, or smaller solid state lasers for marking or micromachining. This future orientation gives some clue to Trumpf's success."