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Illumination & Displays

Thin LED-Based Backlight

Global Lighting Technologies has introduced new LED-based high-brightness backlights that offer exceptional thinness - down to 0.4 mm or less. They provide the slimmest molded light guide backlight units available for backlighting LCDs. The backlights may be used in a wide variety of consumer electronics including keypads/keyboards used in mobile phones, laptop and desktop PCs.

The backlight assemblies are less than 1 mm high utilizing light guides as thin as 0.4 mm or less. They offer the thinness of electroluminescent backlighting, but with all the advantages of today's advanced LEDs. The backlights utilize light extraction technology that provides efficient utilization of today's high brightness LEDs. This results in thinner packages that can backlight LCDs from 0.25" up to 50" diagonal and higher. Light is extracted precisely where needed, such as around through-holes for keypads.