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Defense & Security

Helmet Mounted Display

BAE Systems has unveiled its Q-Sight family of helmet displays and tracking products that can bring improved situational awareness to Army pilots. The Q-Sight family is expected to bring significant improvements in weight, cost, flexibility and performance with a seamless transition between day and night operations. The Q-sight family is already compatible with the night vision goggles Army aviators use. As a plug-and-play display, it can be incrementally upgraded or retrofitted and is compatible with other helmet display technologies. The family of Q-Sight products includes the 100, the basic day-night model, and scales up to the 250 model, which has a binocular Q-Sight.

The display clips on to the helmet, and a small box can be carried in a pocket or mounted on the aircraft electrical components. The Black Hawk M-model and F-model Chinook already have such a component, which can feed the display. Optional upgrades include a helmet tracker that would allow the display of FLIR symbology, and some weapons applications that can be shown on the display.