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Lasers & Sources

Diode Laser Module

Two new fiber coupled diode laser arrays from Coherent Inc. offer substantially higher brightness than previously available from the company without any sacrifice in reliability or lifetime. Specifically, the FAP 200 delivers either >50 W at 976 nm or >30 W at 808 nm from a 200 µm core diameter fiber with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.22. The FAP 400 provides either >40W at 880 nm or >45W at 808 nm from a 400 µm core diameter fiber having a 0.22 NA. Both these high brightness fiber coupled diode laser arrays utilize Coherent's Aluminum-Free Active Area technology to achieve industry leading Mean Time to Failure and operating lifetime characteristics.

The FAP 200 and FAP 400 are intended to service a variety of applications in materials processing such as plastics welding and soldering, solid state laser pumping and therapeutic medical uses. For industrial applications, their higher brightness translates directly into increased process throughput. For laser pumping, high brightness enables increased laser system output.