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    About Toulouse

    Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis
    11 esplanade Compans Cafarelli
    BP 889
    31685 Toulouse cedex 6

    Tel: +33 (0)
    Fax: +33 (0)
    Web: http://www.centre-congres-toulouse.fr/fr/index.htm

    Toulouse also known as 'Ville Rose', is France's fourth biggest city.  Located in the South West region of the country between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, it is also influcenced by the  Pyrenees.  The city dates back 2,000 years with historic buildings in the central area.  Toulouse is now widely recognised as the centre of cutting-edge European technology.  The city and surrounding areas have a rich and diverse culture, famous for traditional produces including wine, foie gras, cheeses, and other traditional regional dishes. 

    For further information on sightseeing and tourist information, please see the Toulouse Tourism website: http://www.uk.toulouse-tourisme.com or alternatively, take a look at http://www.toulousedefrance.com

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