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Optoelectronics & Communications

Real-time imaging of photonic quantum teleportation
A novel deterministic approach enables teleportation of an unknown photonic quantum state from polarization to orbital-angular-momentum.
Fabrication of a saturable absorber via the optical deposition of 2D molybdenum disulfide enables the development of a fiber laser with ultrashort pulses.
2 March 2015
Inserting tunnel junctions into the multi-quantum-well active region of LEDs based on gallium nitride enables carrier recycling and high-power quantum efficiencies well above 100%.
24 February 2015
Graphene-covered metasurfaces enable the tunable enhancement of evanescent tunneling and wavelength-selective transmission for both near- and far-field thermal radiation.
24 February 2015
A novel method for the generation of time-bin-entangled photons using an inexpensive and compact blue diode laser is ideally suited for quantum communication.
18 February 2015
Aggregated ‘ superchannels’ offer cost efficiencies by reducing the number of fibers and switching components needed in optical networks.
13 February 2015
Alain Aspect IYL presentation: Single and Entangled Photons: At the Heart of the Quantum Revolutions

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