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Lasers & Sources

Large Output Beam Expander

Special Optics, Inc. introduced today a new family of high performance large output laser beam expanders. These new beam expanders include diffraction limited optical designs with large output clear apertures of 10 mm to over 100 mm, expansion ratios from 5X to 40X and input apertures of 1.3 mm to 20 mm. With high transmission and low wavefront distortion, the large output beam expanders can be specified at single and dual wavelengths from 248nm to 1550nm and have damage thresholds of typically 500 MW/cm2. Featuring standard clear entrance apertures of up to 20 mm, the beam expanders transmit the entire beam with excellent wavefront quality.

Special Optics beam expanders allow proper collimation and a more controlled focus or defocus of the beam. These Galilean design beam expanders provide an adjustable focus for collimation at varying wavelengths which can be used for divergence correction, collimation and focusing. They are adaptable for complex applications requiring increased power density at the focal point, beam guidance over long distance, dual wavelengths (1064nm and 532nm), high power laser energy and large aperture needs. Designed to be rugged and self-supporting, Special Optics beam expanders provide performance from the ultraviolet to the visible and infrared regions. With aluminum construction to minimize thermal distortion, the beam expanders are easy to use and provide accurate, unobstructed expansion for any collimated input source.