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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

High-frame-rate real-time imaging of speech production
Sparse sampling and constrained reconstruction enable 83-frames/second real-time magnetic resonance imaging, providing new insights into the dynamics of vocal-tract shaping.
The current-voltage characteristics of emerging transistor technologies may enable more efficient realization of non-von Neumann image processing hardware primitives.
26 June 2015
A lock-in algorithm is used to combine digital image correlation with thermoelastic stress analyses to offer greater data richness, paving the way to strain-based nondestructive evaluation.
15 June 2015
A hybrid system that incorporates advanced adaptive optics and algorithm acceleration techniques can compensate wavefront aberrations caused by turbulence and improve image quality.
29 May 2015
A modified method enables fast and accurate measurement of temporal noise in photo and video camera sensors using a remarkably small number of reference frames.
12 May 2015
Synthetic aperture integral imaging recognizes human actions better than monocular acquisition technology.
28 April 2015
Laura Waller: Integrating optics and processing in design of imaging systems