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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Texture classification approach based on 2D multifractal analysis
A new technique enables accurate and efficient characterization of textural irregularities and defects.
A new video-rate instrument being developed will operate at extremely high frequencies.
20 March 2015
A new technique for recovering fragmented data files can retrieve elements of a JPEG compressed image even when the file's header is unavailable.
12 February 2015
The combination of spatial and temporal domain imaging enables novel signal operation functionalities, with possible applications in dynamic process monitoring and encryption.
11 February 2015
Biologically inspired computational models automatically predict the quality of any given image, as perceived by a human observer.
6 February 2015
A new spatial-spectral technique based on volume holographic methods can be used to acquire resolved images from multiple depths simultaneously.
4 February 2015
Eric Betzig: Beyond the Nobel Prize -- New approaches to microscopy

Allied Vision Technologies

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