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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Protein-based optical filters for image processing
Photosensitive bacteriorhodopsin is used in a new artificial system with visual receptive fields that can respond selectively to contrasts in luminance, direction of movement, line orientation, and spatial frequency.
Automatic analysis of x-ray images enables on-site screening for tuberculosis infection, addressing the shortage of trained radiologists in rural Kenya.
8 October 2015
The novel and freely available ‘Patch’ software package can be used to deconvolve images that have spatially variable point spread functions.
16 September 2015
A novel advanced algorithm is based on the sparsity hypothesis for phase and amplitude modeling.
14 September 2015
A new device operates at normal dispersion with hybrid self-similar evolution to generate femtosecond pulses at 2μm with record high energy levels.
8 September 2015
The anisotropic nature of electrically tunable liquid crystal lenses is fully harnessed in a cost-effective and successful approach.
2 September 2015
Alexander Oraevsky: Optoacoustic imaging overcomes challenge of scattering in tissue

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