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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Hyperspectral fluorescence imaging for mineral classification
A novel approach can be used for industrial sorting and presents several advantages over conventional hyperspectral imaging techniques.
Focused features are located and segmented using computational reconstructions.
29 July 2015
The Tikhonov L-curve can be used to determine optimum regularization parameter values for the generalized autocalibrating partially parallel acquisitions approach.
24 July 2015
An algorithm alters image pixels to enable insertion of a watermark into the coefficients of a transformed domain, without the need for inverse transformation.
11 July 2015
The current-voltage characteristics of emerging transistor technologies may enable more efficient realization of non-von Neumann image processing hardware primitives.
26 June 2015
A lock-in algorithm is used to combine digital image correlation with thermoelastic stress analyses to offer greater data richness, paving the way to strain-based nondestructive evaluation.
15 June 2015
Laura Waller: Integrating optics and processing in design of imaging systems