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Illumination & Displays

Miniature Ambient Light Sensor

Avago Technologies has announced a new miniature programmable digital ambient light photo sensor for use in consumer, industrial and automotive applications. The new photo sensors provide precise illuminance measurement over a wide range of lighting conditions. Avago's APDS-9300 low-voltage ambient light sensor, which is designed to approximate the spectral response curve of the human eye, incorporates a digital I2C interface to simplify the implementation into customer designs.

The APDS-9300 ALS converts light intensity to digital signal output via a direct I2C interface. Moreover, it incorporates a user programmable interrupt function that enables seamless integration with most customer digital platforms to simplify integration. A miniature chipLED package makes the APDS-9300 ideal for controlling display backlighting in mobile and consumer devices such as cell phones, notebooks, LCD monitors, and digital cameras. Other targeted applications include residential and commercial lighting management systems, automotive instrumentation clusters and electronic sign and signal applications.