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Lasers & Sources

Entangling photons using a continuous-wave multi-mode diode laser
A novel method for the generation of time-bin-entangled photons using an inexpensive and compact blue diode laser is ideally suited for quantum communication.
Fabrication of a saturable absorber via the optical deposition of 2D molybdenum disulfide enables the development of a fiber laser with ultrashort pulses.
2 March 2015
A high-power laser diode has been demonstrated that will provide an order of magnitude increase in brightness compared with conventional devices.
2 February 2015
A new specialized laser has been deployed and tested as a wavelength calibrator for the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo in the Canary Islands.
29 January 2015

The incoherent combination of multiple low-energy laser pulses may enable a simpler path toward high-average-power, high-peak-power, high-efficiency laser drivers for laser-plasma accelerators.

20 January 2015
Considering the three main contributors to thermal lensing in solid-state laser materials sheds light on conflicting earlier work, and enables direct comparison of various laser glasses.
16 January 2015
ImmerVision targets smart phones with 'panomorph' lenses
Optical technology provides full 360-degree views of a mobile handset user's surroundings.
4 March 2015
EOS announces ‘Light 2015 Awards’ for young photonics innovators
Competition invites budding entrepreneurs and young women in photonics. Winners to be named at Laser 2015.
3 March 2015
ELI pump laser installed at Lawrence Livermore
Engineers from Northrop Grumman’s Cutting Edge Optronics subsidiary helped install injection-seeded laser.
3 March 2015
Reaching out in the International Year of Light
Engagement with schoolchildren also seen as opportunity to plug the skills gap facing the photonics industry.
2 March 2015
Ahmed Zewail: Light and Life

Power Technology

eagleyard Photonics

Laservision USA

Sill Optics