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Lasers & Sources

Hard x-ray nanoprobe facility at the National Synchroton Light Source II
A new beamline offers unprecedented imaging capabilities for x-ray microscopy.
A numerical simulation approach includes optical, thermal, and mechanical sub-models to investigate the mechanism for the pulse duration efficiency dependence.
21 August 2015
Aluminum gallium indium nitride materials present an emerging system for defense and security applications.
18 August 2015
Group-III nitride semiconductor materials and a unique quantum design for active regions are used to realize compact lasers that operate in an unexplored frequency range.
14 August 2015
New technology can be used to produce single-frequency lasers with output power of more than 100mW and linewidths of less than 100kHz, at wavelengths of 780, 795, and 850nm.
7 August 2015
Due to its distinctive structure, a protein from a bioluminescent jellyfish produces very bright solid-state fluorescence and constitutes a good laser gain medium.
3 August 2015
OmniVision ticks down on China volatility
Image sensor firm issues conservative financial guidance in wake of stock market fluctuations.
28 August 2015
Seatronics makes first UK sale of 2G Robotics' laser scanner
ULS-200 underwater laser scanner offers benefits over conventional sonar system for oil companies and more.
27 August 2015
Boston spin-out RayVio to ramp deep-UV LED production
Company closed $9.3 million series B round of financing earlier this year.
26 August 2015
Sensuron spins out of 4DSP and launches fiber optic sensors
Sensors, co-developed with NASA, monitor systems in demanding environments to encourage sustainable development.
26 August 2015
Alexander Oraevsky: Optoacoustic imaging overcomes challenge of scattering in tissue