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Lasers & Sources

Dynamic sensors based on wavelength-swept lasers
Two designs, one based on a wavelength filter and one on Fourier domain mode locking, enable dynamic measurements to be made using fiber-optic sensors.

The incoherent combination of multiple low-energy laser pulses may enable a simpler path toward high-average-power, high-peak-power, high-efficiency laser drivers for laser-plasma accelerators.

20 January 2015
Considering the three main contributors to thermal lensing in solid-state laser materials sheds light on conflicting earlier work, and enables direct comparison of various laser glasses.
16 January 2015
A method that uses lasers to position bacteria with single-cell precision shows that even small groups of a few microbes can increase their own growth rate and impair the development of other infecting species.
30 December 2014
A coordinated lidar network in the northeastern United States explored the optical properties of transported plumes from fires and dust and diagnosed chemical transport model concentration biases.
30 December 2014
Electrical pumping produces a coherent light source based on stimulated scattering of exciton-polaritons inside a microcavity.
16 December 2014
ESI posts loss, details China plans
Laser micromachining equipment firm recently acquired Wuhan Topwin Optoelectronics.
29 January 2015
II-VI buoyed by bookings growth
Component maker's stock price jumps 15% on news of stronger earnings and a record backlog.
28 January 2015
European photonics industry back to growth in 2014
Sector production value rose 3% to €60 billion, says Optech Consulting.
28 January 2015
Laser inventor Charles Townes dies at 99
Nobel laureate shared 1964 prize for physics with Nicolay Basov and Aleksandr Prokhorov.
28 January 2015
Volker Sorger: Plasmonics enables more efficient silicon photonics

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28 January 2015

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