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Illumination & Displays

Standard Equipped LED Headlight

Docter Optics has announced their next-generation full-LED projection headlights for the Cadillac Escalade Platinum. Full-LED headlights now represent a high-quality alternative to headlights with conventional light sources for the vehicles of the future.

This was made possible by two developments: on the one hand, white high-power LEDs have become available; on the other hand, it is now possible to produce free-form lenses that can project light from LEDs in compliance with regulatory requirements. 'Free-form lenses' make it possible, for example, to 'shape' light to meet the needs of a specific application with exceptional precision. On the other hand, these lenses also give optical designers unprecedented creative freedom.

The assemblies integrate not only high and low-beam functionality, but also daytime running lights and position lights, as well as the side markers that are obligatory in the USA. These headlights, which were developed by Hella in close collaboration with Cadillac, make the Cadillac Escalade Platinum the world's first SUV to feature full-LED headlights.