San Jose Convention Center
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    24 - 29 February 2008
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    Onsite News - Wednesday 27 February 2008

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       Student Lunch with the Experts
       Panel Discussions

    Student Lunch with the Experts
    Students enjoyed not only a free lunch, but a free lunch with experts in the fields they plan to enter. SPIE Student Services staffer Brent Johnson, at the microphone, welcomes almost 40 students and experts who attended the Wednesday afternoon event.

    Experts who volunteered their time and expertise included Christoph Hohle, Qimonda Desden; Hans Loeschner, IMS Nanofabrication; Sean Burns, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; David Attwood, University of California, Berekley; Cliff Henderson, Georgia Institute of Technology; Frank Schellenberg, Mentor Graphics; Roxann Engelstad, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Bruno LaFontaine, Advanced Micro Devices; Richard Silver, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology); Vladimir Ukraintsev, Veeco Instruments; and Michael Postek, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

    Panelists "Take off the Gloves" to Address High-interest Issues
    Four well-attended and lively panel discussions kept ideas flowing in the evening hours Wednesday and Thursday nights, with formats both traditional and nontraditional.

    The Wednesday panel on Enabling Accurate Optical Proximity Correction was moderated by Christopher Raymond of Nanometrics and Vladimir Ukraintsev of Veeco Instruments, and elicited mixed opinions on what accuracy of OPC is needed. Some held that true dimensional accuracy was either unachievable or unnecessary considering that electrical performance, not size, of a finished device is the primary consideration.

    Others argued that dimensional measurement tools provide the best available option, and that the approach is necessary because it adds value.

    The group reached the consensus that while dimensional metrology is the best method available now and that accuracy needs to improve, in the future extending OPC to etch or even electrical calibration would have a lot of value.

    Richard Silver and Christopher Soles from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) led a panel discussion on Massively Parallel Tools for Nanotechnology: Applications in Lithography and Metrology. The panel discussed fabrication issues and possibilities at the nanoscale, and looked at system integration, processing, and metrology challenges.

    The panel was sponsored by Photronics and Molecular Imprints.

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