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Optoelectronics & Communications

10G EPON reference designs for FTTH deployments

PMC-Sierra, Inc. announces the availability of complete reference designs for 10Gbit/s IEEE 802.3av EPON Optical Line Terminals (OLT) and Optical Network Units (ONU). The PAS8001 reference design for 10G OLTs and the PAS9001 reference design for 10G ONUs integrate all the functionality required from an OLT and ONU running at 10Gbit/s, including third party commercial transceivers, and leverage PMC-Sierra's market-leading EPON capabilities to improve system performance and reduce OEMs' time to market.

The availability of 10Gbit/s EPON systems will enable carriers to further expand their Triple Play services, Fiber-To-The-Building (FTTB) solutions, and lay the foundation for future bandwidth-demanding applications. In addition, carriers will be able to reduce capital and operating expenses by unifying their FTTH and FTTB infrastructures.

"PMC-Sierra's 10G EPON development platform enables our customers to be the first to offer carriers 10G solutions that are fully interoperable with legacy PON equipment, and a cost-effective, standard upgrade path for their next generation access network infrastructure," said Victor Vaisleib, vice president and general manager of PMC-Sierra's FTTH business unit.

The PAS8001 and PAS9001 deliver 10Gbit/s performance, pre-standard (draft 1.1) IEEE 802.3av compliance, 1G/10G co-existence with auto-detect, standard encryption, high-performance backward-compatible Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) and commercially viable transceivers developed by a leading transceiver vendor partner. PMC-Sierra's 10G solution can operate in a split ratio of up to 128 ONUs per OLT.