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Optical Design & Engineering

Tunable laser on 40G test instruments in a portable platform

Digital Lightwave, Inc., a leading provider of optical networking test equipment and technology, has announced that the NIC 40/43G Testing Module can be ordered with a tunable laser for C-Band or L-Band application with NRZ, Duo-Binary and DPSK line codes available. The NIC, the smallest and lightest 40/43G testing solution in the industry, is the first in the industry to support this vital feature in a portable instrument.

"With our array of available line codings, the tunable laser, our broad range of mappings and the ability to analyze tributary signals all the way down to DS1, we are leading the industry in terms of features," says Mike Botham, Director of Engineering.

Tunable Laser is a feature that test instruments must have in order to simulate "alien wavelength" applications, in OADM (Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer) and ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer) testing. It is also useful for DWDM filter verification and test, receiver sensitivity and dispersion sensitivity testing over a wavelength span. With the widespread deployment of 40G networks, the need for these types of testing is increasing.