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Sensing & Measurement

Tiny remote head camera ideal for inspection

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, a leader in advanced 3CCD color video imaging, introduces the tiny, high resolution, remote head IK-TF7H7U camera. The progressive scan model delivers crisp, true color video output of 1024 (horizontal) x 768 (vertical) pixels at 30 frames per second at full frame and up to 90 frames per second in partial scan mode. The latest addition to the advanced function IK-TF series of remote head cameras features 1/100 to 1/100,000 second electronic shuttering capability and presents crystal-clear imagery without image jitter. The C-mount camera has a digital CameraLink® output for compatible interface with many standard frame grabber boards. It is available with two optional cable lengths (3 and 5 meters), making it easy for integration into new or existing industrial imaging systems.

The small remote camera head is lightweight (approx. 65 g) and compact (32.6 mm x 38.6 mm x 41mm). Based on Toshiba Imaging's precision 3CCD prism block camera technology, the IK-TF7H7U is successfully being utilized for semiconductor inspection, machine vision and other remote inspection and analysis tasks.