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Illumination & Displays

CCFL inverters

The new SFW Series of DC-to AC inverters from display solutions specialist Endicott Research Group Inc. (ERG) are designed for display applications that require high efficiency, wide range dimming and lamp current stability over a wide input range, with full RoHS compliance.

The latest in ERG's Smart Force™ family of intelligent power solutions for display backlighting, and the first in ERG's new SFW Series of DC-to AC inverters, these feature rich, highly intelligent inverters with a wide input voltage range (8-18V), open lamp detection, onboard PWM dimming, and lamp current regulation. Available in single and dual-lamp versions, they feature an extremely low profile (< 6 mm high) and a ruggedized transformer that have helped these inverters test successfully at very wide range temperatures.

SFW inverters feature direct display connection, a start voltage of 1800 Vrms, and an operating temperature range of -30º to 70ºC. Two single-lamp versions are available: one with the JST output connector SM02(8.0) B-BHS-TB (SFWA160JF), and one with the JST SM02B-BHSS-1 (SFWA160J2F) connector.

The SFW inverters can be used in LCDs 5.7" to 12.1" diagonal in single output configurations and, in dual output configurations, they can be used in LCDs 6.4" to 15" diagonal for a wide variety of industrial LCD applications.