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Lasers & Sources

Widely tunable single frequency diode laser

The revolutionary DL pro 780 has set new standards for scientific and industrial applications in the wavelength range 765 nm - 795 nm. Three longed-for complement models of this premium laser are now available. They cover wavelengths around 850 nm, 935 nm and 1050 nm.

The DL pro laser is a grating stabilized diode laser based on a novel engineering approach, innovative manufacturing techniques and specially selected AR coated laser diodes. Unique features of the DL pro are its large frequency tunability and its high frequency stability even in noisy environment.

Meeting even highest requirements in both scientific and industrial applications, the DL pro laser ensures TOPTICA's leadership in the market for external cavity diode lasers for the years to come. Main applications of the DL pro are high resolution laser spectroscopy, interferometry, laser cooling & BEC, electromagnetically-induced transparency, magnetometry as well as spectroscopic testing of materials.

Key features:

  • Alignment-free operation within the specified wavelength range
  • Continuous modehop-free tuning range: > 50 GHz
  • Narrow linewidth: < 500 kHz
  • Highest acoustic and thermal ruggedness (< 100 MHz/K frequency drift)

The DL pro lasers are equipped with high bandwidth frequency modulation options (BiasT & FET laser diode current control). Further refinements are optional:

  • Integrated optical isolator
  • Integrated laser beam shaping optics (anamorphic prism pairs)
  • Fiber coupling (FiberDock: robust and easy to align)
  • Electronic modules for active frequency stabilization and linewidth reduction (FALC 110, DigiLock 110, PID 110, PDD 110, LIR 110)