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Optical Design & Engineering

Optical filters for Raman spectroscopy

Semrock announces the addition of a new value-based line of optical edge filters for Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging, thus significantly expanding its industry-leading product offerings. The new EdgeBasic™ long-wave-pass filters are hard-coated optical filters that share all the high transmission (98% typical) and laser-line blocking (optical density > 6) performance of Semrock's popular ultrasteep RazorEdge® filters, but with edge steepness that is tailored for cost-sensitive "application-specific" Raman systems that do not require measurement of the smallest possible Raman shifts, as well as for sensitive fluorescence imaging systems that demand maximum signal capture.

The new EdgeBasic filters are hard-coated using Semrock's ion-beam sputtering deposition process for permanent "no burn-out" optical durability and lasting reliability even in harsh environmental conditions, and are backed by an industry-leading five year warranty. These new filters also have extended blocking of light from the laser wavelength deep into the ultraviolet to enhance their suitability for fluorescence applications.