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Sensing & Measurement

Phoenix 1000 tunable laser

Luna Innovations Inc. announces its highly anticipated tunable laser product, the Phoenix 1000, under its Luna Technologies brand of test and measurement products.

Luna's MEMs-based, external cavity laser is based on the former Iolon 'Apollo' class of tunable lasers and offers low noise and precise tuning capability over the C-band. The compact device is scalable, rugged and fast delivering superior performance for applications including measurement, fiber grating based sensing, spectroscopy and metrology. Product highlights of this miniaturized, 18-pin TEC-cooled package include fast tuning up to 500 Hz, mode-hop free swept operation over the C-band wavelength coverage from 1515 nm to 1565 nm, narrow linewidth less than 2 MHz and superior phase noise characteristics.

"Tunable lasers have become a key enabling element in a variety of fiber optic measurement and sensing applications," said Brian Soller, President of Luna Innovations' Products Division. "Our improvements to this well known platform make the Phoenix 1000 laser the ideal choice for end users and customers looking for ruggedness, scalability and performance in a compact tunable laser."