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Sensing & Measurement

High speed, high precision robots

EPSON Robots introduces the EPSON G-Series, the next generation, high performance SCARA Robots for our Micro Power Drive Controllers. EPSON G-Series SCARA's provide the ultimate high speed, high precision performance results even with high payloads. Combined with the powerful EPSON Micro PowerDrive Controller, the new G-Series Robots provide best in class performance combined with ease of use all at a remarkably low price.

"With over 168 models to choose from, the G-Series lineup gives customers a wide variety of models ranging from 450mm to 1000mm in reach," says Michael Ferrara, Director of EPSON Robots. "Equally important are the performance improvements achieved with the new G-Series arms. With speed and payload improvements of over 20-100% vs. our previous generation SCARA models, the EPSON G-Series represents significant performance improvements that will result in more parts processed and more profits for our customers."

EPSON's original smart motion control technology is combined with a new high rigidity arm design to achieve ultra-high speed, ultra-high precision, and low vibration and put EPSON G-Series Robots in the top class of the industry. The G-Series SCARA robots have greatly improved their speed over current models and are able to carry out high speed operation, short and long moves and transport light or heavy payloads with the ultimate performance results. All G-Series robot arms are available in standard, Class 10 Clean, or IP54/65 configurations. They are available in tabletop, wall or ceiling mount configurations as well.