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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Fraxel re:pair laser for CO2 laser skin resurfacing

Reliant Technologies, Inc., the pioneer of fractional resurfacing and market leader of aesthetic laser skin treatments, announces the launch of its Fraxel re:pairlaser system to the dermatology community.

The Fraxel re:pair laser system, the result of two years of clinical research, represents a new category in skin rejuvenation: Ablative Fractional Resurfacing (AFR™) treatment. It is the only device on the market that has received FDA clearance specifically for skin resurfacing with a fractional mode of delivery.

The Fraxel re:pair laser is the industry' s only minimally invasive, ablative fractional laser system that delivers a full spectrum of aesthetic treatment from Fractional MicroDermAblation™ (FMDA™) treatment to Fractional Deep Dermal Ablation™ (FDDA™) treatment. It is the only ablative resurfacing device capable of being operated by a single clinician, because of its built-in smoke evacuation system, and capable of treating at depths from 300 micrometers (µm) to 1.6 mm into the dermis, all in a single hand piece.

Reliant Technologies is currently studying the Fraxel re:pair laser as a treatment for acne scars and atrophic scars. More than 500 subjects are being evaluated in ongoing clinical trials with the Fraxel re:pair laser.