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Solar & Alternative Energy

Design and manufacturing for solar concentrator cells

Spire Corporation has announced the newly available large-scale contract design and manufacturing capabilities to manufacturers of solar concentrator cells within its 50,000 square foot facility in Hudson, New Hampshire through its subsidiary, Spire Semiconductor.

"We now can offer our partners the benefits of an optimized design and manufacturing process with the potential for large-scale contract production based on their individual needs," says Roger G. Little, Spire' s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Spire Semiconductor operates a complete compound semiconductor device fabrication line focused on the fabrication of custom devices, as well as development, prototyping, pilot production and volume manufacturing. The company develops and manufactures custom high-efficiency gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cells and specializes in high-end wafer epitaxy, foundry services, thin film products, and device fabrication for the defense, biomedical, telecommunications and consumer products markets.

Custom and production wafer processing capabilities at Spire Semiconductor range from prototype development to full production and include photolithographic processing of III-V cell structures and deposition of broadband, dual-layer AR coatings. Spire Semiconductor maintains more than 50MW of expandable capacity on multiple Veeco E450 LDM, Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) reactors in state-of-the-art clean-room space.

Spire production line animated tour