San Jose Convention Center
    San Jose, California, United States
    24 - 29 January 2009
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    Questions + Answers: SPIE Photonics West move to Moscone Center, San Francisco in 2010

    When will Photonics West be moving to the Moscone Center?

    • The event will be held in San Francisco starting with Photonics West 2010.

    Why is Photonics West moving to the Moscone Center?

    • The move to the Moscone Center was necessary due to the pending remodel of the San Jose Convention Center. The growth of Photonics West has also created a pressing need for more space for our exhibitors. Moscone Center offers the Photonics West exhibitors more space for expansion all under one roof. Space will also be available to add additional technical content to the Photonics West program.

    How long will Photonics West be held at the Moscone Center? Does SPIE anticipate moving Photonics West back to San Jose?

    • SPIE is planning to hold Photonics West in San Francisco for the foreseeable future. Decisions to stay in San Francisco long term will be based on the success of Photonics West once it has moved there.

    How will the location in San Francisco impact travel for exhibitors and event attendees?

    • Event attendees will find San Francisco easily accessible for international visitors. With two international airports in close proximity, the Moscone Center is an optimal location for attendees flying to the event.
    • The Bay Area also offers a wide range of public and mass transportation to support local and regional attendance. San Francisco offers substantial parking options for attendees who plan to drive to the event.

    How will the location in San Francisco impact lodging for exhibitors and event attendees?

    • San Francisco offers a wide range of lodging options within every price bracket. SPIE is enthusiastic about the increased hotel options available for attendees.

    How will the move to Moscone impact the priority point system for exhibitors?

    • We will continue to assign exhibition space using the existing Priority Point System, based on exhibiting history, size of contracted space, and SPIE Corporate Membership.

    Will I be able to increase my booth space at Moscone Center? Will there be different height limitations?

    • Moscone Center will offer significantly more space for exhibitors to expand the footprint of their booth. Booth height and size limitations and other facility requirements will be available in early 2009.