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Optical Design & Engineering

High-quality custom birefringent components

JDSU is advancing the world of polarization optics with the announcement of its ability to combine thin-film and liquid crystal polymer technologies to produce high-quality custom birefringent components.

Drawing upon six decades of thin-film design and coatings expertise, JDSU is enabling the use of polarized light in a novel manner to create new features -- not possible otherwise -- in an expanded range of markets. These markets include biomedical imaging, polarimetry and instrumentation, among others.

With its high degree of precision and customization, such as patterning and monolithic integration with other optical components, JDSU's new waveplate technology is particularly suited for use in applications requiring miniaturization, high resolution, or high contrast such as remote sensing, front projection display, confocal microscopy, optical tweezers/trapping and astronomy.

"JDSU's unique technology combination is opening the door to emerging applications in laser projection, optical tweezers, confocal microscopy, and high density optical data storage for example-that particularly value high-precision solutions," said Barry Weitzenberg, general manager of JDSU's Advanced Optical Technologies, Custom Optics Product Group.

JDSU's use of liquid crystal polymer and form birefringent dielectric thin films delivers a high degree of customization and a large-area format while achieving superior optical flatness. JDSU's waveplates also provide excellent mechanical and environmental durability, an important factor for applications in the ultraviolet and with high power lasers. And, unlike other solutions, JDSU's customized, high-quality components are also highly scalable.

Visit JDSU at Photonics West booth #1327 to view demonstrations of its custom birefringent components.