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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Andor launching new products at Photonics West

Andor Technology launched its new iKon-L, a revolutionary large-area, high-sensitivity CCD platform at Photonics West. The 2048 x 2048 array and 13.5 µm square pixels deliver outstanding field of view, resolution and dynamic range. The camera will thermo-electrically cool to -100ºC without the aggravation of liquid nitrogen, and is ideal for low light imaging applications including astronomy, luminescence imaging and biochip imaging.

The Andor booth also showcased the latest addition to its range of EMCCD imaging cameras. The LucaEM R is a highly cost effective, yet powerful megapixel EMCCD camera. With a 1 Megapixel sensor and 8 x 8mm pixels, the LucaEM R offers high resolution over a large field of view, it is ideal for fluorescence microscopy across a range of signal levels.

The company displayed a full family of spectroscopic solutions in their booth. The iDus InGaAs detector offers 512 or 1024 element linear photodiode arrays (PDA) for NIR Spectroscopy with high sensitivity and high resolution. It features wavelength coverage from 800nm to 2200nm, peak QE >80% and low noise electronics, TE cooling to -85ºC, and USB 2.0 connectivity.