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Multimedia Submission Specifications

SPIE is now able to publish multimedia files along with your SPIE Conference Proceedings paper. You may associate a video or audio file with your research paper to better communicate your paper's main points. A video or animation, published online with your manuscript, can show how data changes over time, conveying more to your audience than is possible through a static paper alone.
Multimedia files are submitted through the MySPIE manuscript submission wizard along with your paper. To include a multimedia file in the online publication of your SPIE Conference Proceedings paper follow these steps:

  1. Choose from 1 to 10 short files you believe would enhance the reader's understanding of your paper's main points. Multimedia files must be one of the types noted here.

    Video: mpeg, mov (Quicktime), or wmv (Windows Media Player) file formats
    Audio: wav, mp3 file formats

    Each file should be less than 5 MB in size.
  2. Create a representative screenshot for each video or audio file and place them in your paper as you would a regular figure. Include a descriptive caption beginning with Video 1, Audio 3, etc.. At the end of the caption, include this line: 


    SPIE staff will edit this text and link it to the archived multimedia file.
  3. Proceed through the MySPIE manuscript submission wizard as you would when submitting a regular SPIE Conference Proceedings paper. A new section has been added to allow you to upload your multimedia files. Please upload them in the same order they are referenced in your paper. You may reorder files in the submission wizard as necessary.
  4. When you are asked to approve your paper for publication, you will also need to review the multimedia files.

Your paper, with the associate multimedia files, will be published on the SPIE Digital Library 2 to 4 weeks after the meeting is concluded. Your multimedia files will be accessable from your paper's abstract page on the SPIE Digital Library, by clicking on the link within the PDF of your paper, or by typing in the URL found in the printed SPIE Conference Proceedings.