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Micro/Nano Lithography

Integrated controller/driver for stepper motors

Nyden Corporation, a subsidiary of Mycom Incorporated, jump starts the 2008 New Year with a big bang by unveiling its latest submission to the worldwide Motion Control Systems market. The multiphase (2-Phase and 4-Phase) ICD200 Stepper Controller/Driver series is projected to elevate equipment design applications to soaring new heights on a global scale with its state-of-the-art integrated features. Carefully constructed to control the high-throughput working features of today's most advanced NEMA-sized stepper motors for a multicore range of applications, such as the design of semiconductor equipment, laser systems, aerospace-related apparatus, robotics and automated machineries, the new ICD200 DC-type Stepper Controller/Driver is expected to become an instant success in 2008, mainly due to its cost-effectiveness and highly sophisticated motion technology functionalities.

Motorizing today's most innovative high-torque and microstepping-capable stepper motors of both the 2-Phase and 4-Phase varieties, the modularly-designed ICD200 is a standalone system designed to easily execute Trapezoidal and S-curve shape (memory data) acceleration/deceleration motion profiles. It offers designers three types of operation modes: Sensor Mode, Absolute Position Mode and Relative Position Mode. The compact unit (60 x 90 x 36 mm) is rated at 1.2 Amps-per-Phase for Unipolar Stepper Motors and at 0.6 Amps-per-Phase for Bipolar Motors. The input power is 24V DC, with a power consumption of 36 watts. Furthermore, this single axis integrated system provides micro-stepping functionalities with a maximum microstepping resolution of 20,000steps/revolution. Its onboard potentiometer offers users the simplicity to easily adjust driver running currents.