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Hot Topics in Advanced Lithography Webcast Series - Double Patterning


Double Patterning - View Archived Webcast

Chair - Mircea Dusa, Senior Scientist and Fellow, ASML US Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) 

Talk: Double Patterning process challenges and their lithographic alternatives

Mircea Dusa is a founding member of ASML's Technology Development Center, seeking advanced patterning solutions for future lithography tools and exploring ways to integrate the new patterning options into lithography tools. A regular chair of SPIE conferences and sections, he is the author of over 120 technical articles and papers and holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Applied Optics, both from the University of Bucharest.

Presenter - Mireille Maenhoudt, DP team, IMEC (Leuven, Belgium) 

Talk: Double Patterning process challenges and their lithographic alternatives

Mireille Maenhoudt compares different double patterning production processes to new up-and-coming alternatives.

Maenhoudt received her PhD in Physics from the University of Leuven. She is responsible for dual damascene lithography and back-end process development at IMEC. She has been presenting her work at SPIE conferences for over 10 years.

Presenter - Jongwook Kye, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)

Talk: Double Patterning Challenge

In his presentation, Jongwook Kye discusses technical expectations as well as implications from double patterning process to support manufacturing challenges and integration into real process flow.

Jongwook Kye works for AMD in immersion lithography and various lens-related issues, including aberration, polarization, high NA, and illumination. He has been involved in advanced optical lithography process development including RET optimization in various applications. He is also interested in exposure tool characterization.

You Will Learn:
Three approaches to resolution improvement in semiconductor manufacturing
· The latest advances in EUV lithography, including sources and masks
· How immersion techniques are making ever higher NAs possible
· Technical and budgetary issues in using double patterning to influence k1

Who Should View:
Researchers and engineers in semiconductor manufacturing
· Managers of lithography teams
· Purchasers of leading-edge lithographic machinery

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